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FUNKTIONAL FITNESS PRODUCTS Is an all Australian Company, Australian Owned, Operated and planning to stay that way.  Our motto is "Think Australian, Buy Australian" yes it may cost a little bit more but it creates jobs in various areas including manufacturing and processing.  Some items are tough to source locally but we do our best to keep as much of our work done here in Australia and will continue to strive for an all Australian/NZ product base as quickly as possible.

We are customer focused, listening to our customers, suppliers, friends and family in an attempt to offer the best product available.


Steve Senyard - current FootGolf Australian National Representative and former Tranmere Futsal Rep decided that during training he wanted a product line that he could not only use but develop to help others within the sporting realm and fitness industry.  


Wanting to do this for a long time he finally went for it with his initial product idea just for his mates which came to him during a tournament prior to the Covid 19 outbreak in Australia during March 2020.  With that idea he started the business aiming to offer "funktional" solutions to sports enthusiasts, athletes, families and anyone that has an interest in sport, health and fitness.

His vision is to help people reach their goals by offering products they know and trust.  He wants to create a family of clients and not just sell products to people.

Welcome to the Funktional Family


Luke B.

QLD FootGolf Rep and Football Collector

"Being an avid ball collector the Needle and Lubricant pack supplied by FFP was the answer to looking after my collection especially the valves."